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Our Favorite Hemp CBD Products for Pets

We LOVE our furry friends (aka fur babies, pooches, kitties, bubs). We truly treat them like part of our family, so much so that we often treat them like humans. We’re aware of their emotions, we talk to them in full sentences, and we maybe even share the occasional meal with them (c’mon, you know you’ve done it).

We show our love in all sorts of ways, but the most important way is in how we take care of them. And fortunately for us, the pet-obsessed, CBD has recently become a resource for managing our pet’s well-being. 

So in honor of the animals we love and the pet parents we relate to, we’ve pulled together a handful of our favorite CBD products for your furry-loved-ones, all available here on

Rowley's Good Stuff Image

Rowley’s Good Stuff Easy Squeezy

Who wants some PB & Honey? We do! And we think Bruiser will too. As our top selling pet product on, this tasty tube offers a delicious peanut butter formula infused with 750mg CBD, plus a dab of natural honey for a hint of sweet. Because we all love a little sweetness in our life. This option is perfect for pet owners looking for an ingestible option that their pups will love. Included in the box is a reusable key to help you roll up the tube so Bruiser gets every last drop of the CBD plus the yum. 


Holistic Hound CBD Hemp Oil 250mg

Another ingestible option that can be added to any pet meal is the CBD Hemp Oil from Holistic Hound. As a member of the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), this highly respected pet CBD brand works closely with federal and state regulators to ensure the safety, accuracy and quality of the products they produce. And it shows. Their unflavored, USDA Certified Organic formula will make you confident that you’re giving Milo and Tigger the best stuff out there. Add an amount recommended by your vet to their favorite meal, and watch them scarf it down.


Holistic Hound Healing Balm

Another pet parent favorite from our friends at Holistic Hound, this topical blends 150mg of organic, full spectrum hemp CBD with essential oils, butters and other natural ingredients specifically formulated for dogs. Apply this love-filled balm to dry, itchy or irritated paw pads or noses, and take in the soothing aroma that gives all the feels you need to know your pet is on the way to comfort-town.


Holistic Hound Hemp & Mushroom Soft Chews

Clifford, c’mere boy. Clifford, you want a treat? Just you wait, Clifford will come running once you give him a taste of Holistic Hounds CBD dog treats. You can’t go wrong with these heart-shaped soft chews, infused with 6mg of CBD per treat. So watch Clifford sit, shake, and rollover as soon as you open this bag of on-your-best-behavior goodness.


All of these pet well-being products can be found on the Pets page of So give them a try and tell us what you and your pets think. And please remember to always consult your veterinarian before using CBD on your pet, and use trusted brands found on or