CBD 101 Series: How Do You Vape CBD?

CBD 101 Series: How Do You Vape CBD?

Can you vape CBD? You definitely can! Read on to learn how to take advantage of this CBD dosing method

In our CalivaCBD 101 series, we’ve been talking a lot about where CBD comes from, how it can make you feel, and all the ways that you can enjoy it! For this article, we thought we’d delve a little deeper into one specific way you can access CBD--by vaping it. Whether you’re unsure what a vape is, how to use one, or how you can use it to administer your CBD, you’ve come to the right place! Read on to learn about why vaping is a popular way to dose CBD and all you need to get the most out of it.

Want to Give Vaping CBD a Try?

Why not try out this easy method of consuming CBD--you’ll be happy you did!

First off, if you’re a little confused by what we mean by vaping, that’s okay! You’ve probably seen people using e-cigarette pens to inhale nicotine, but did you know that you can use a similar tool to vape CBD? Vaping refers to the process of using a tool to heat your cartridge so that it activates the compounds in it (CBD in this case) but without producing combustion so that you can inhale them. Lots of people enjoy the convenience that a pen gives them--including access to CBD anytime they need it--as well as ability to feel the effects quickly. This is one of the reasons that vaping CBD has become a popular option for administering just the dose you need of CBD, exactly when you need it.

Depending on what you’re looking to get out of CBD, and where you are on your journey, perhaps using a vape pen to consume CBD is right for you. Sometimes you’d like the CBD to kick in quickly, and don’t want to wait on an edible--which can take a couple of hours to get into your bloodstream--then dosing your CBD with a vape might be a good idea. Or perhaps you’d prefer to have a little discretion when you take your CBD, and would rather not deal with sublinguals, then choosing to vape CBD might be right up your alley. 

Knowing what dose of CBD works for you is also a little easier to determine with the vaping method, since you feel the CBD faster than other ways of consuming. This is good news for you, making the mission of finding your sweet spot even easier! The potential effects of vaping CBD also tend to last around a couple of hours, so depending on what you’re using CBD for, is also a bonus. 


Necessary Tools for Vaping CBD 

Check these items off your list and you’ll be ready to vape in no time

As we mentioned earlier, there are a couple pieces of equipment you’ll want to pick up before you decide to vape CBD. We’re going to highlight a couple of options you have to use when vaping your CBD, but ultimately the choice is up to you! Try out a few of these methods and see which one works best for your lifestyle, and hey there’s no wrong answer here.

Disposable CBD pen

This is the most convenient option to choose, and it is also recommended for beginners. These pens resemble those that you’ve probably already seen for nicotine use, as they function in the same way. With this method, all you need to do is pick up one of these pens that are pre-filled with your CBD dose in the form of a cartridge. This pack comes with everything you need to get started right away--pen, cartridge, and a built-in coil and battery. Simply choose which one you like and start to enjoy vaping your CBD! Depending on the size of your CBD dose, and how often you dose, these disposable vaping units should be good for around hundred puffs (give or take) before you’ll need to start looking for a new one. 


Bloom Farms - CBD Mini Vapor Pen - Stone Fruite


CBD oil cartridge (pre-filled or refillable)

CBD oil cartridges are the containers that you’ll put into your vaping pen or 510 thread battery and contain the CBD that you intend to vape. They also come in two varieties-- pre-filled or refillable. Pre-filled containers are super convenient, you just need to pop them into your vaping device and then remove them when they're empty. From there you’ll just rinse and repeat each time you run out of CBD! 

Bloom Farms CBD Vapor Cartridge - Sequoia Mint

However, if you find that you’re really starting to like dosing your CBD with a vape, perhaps you’ll want to start getting into refillable cartridges (that come with their own internal coil and wicking system) to cut down on waste. Using this type of cartridge tends to be a little more cost effective, since you won’t need to buy a new cart each time you run out of CBD.

Refillable CBD pen

One of the more popular options if you think vaping is the right method for you is to invest in a refillable CBD pen. These are rechargeable pens attached to a 510 battery that you will fill with your own container of CBD (either pre-filled or re-fillable). Because you’re purchasing a device that you can recharge and use over and over, this might be a more cost-effective way to enjoy CBD. Many refillable pens have custom settings that allow you to control the airflow and create a more efficient delivery, each and every time. 

Because this type of unit is rechargeable and designed for lots of use, you’ll need to ensure you know how to properly take care of it. There is some basic cleaning and maintenance associated with a refillable CBD pen, but it may be worth it for you in the long run!

Pod vapes

This is a very discreet way to dose your CBD oil, since pods can come in a variety of sizes, including some that fit right into your hand. Like pens, they also come in disposable and refillable varieties and will either have a power button to activate the vaping process, or will start automatically upon inhalation. 


How to vape CBD the right way

Now that you’re squared away with regards to what you’ll need to start vaping, it’s high time you started on your CBD vaping journey! No matter which type of equipment you’ve decided to use, there are a few basic tips to follow. 

  • Read any instruction manual that comes with your device to ensure you know how to use it and what to expect. This is true for all vaping methods except for the disposable vapes, where you can just inhale to start your CBD vaping sesh. 
  • Make sure the battery is connected and turned on (if necessary). Some devices require that the coil saturates, be sure to read your manual.
  • Then, either inhale and the CBD vape will start automatically, or, press the power button while inhaling to activate the system.  
  • Wait a few minutes to see how the CBD feels--remember to start low and slow!
  • Adjust your dose and frequency of doses until you find your sweet spot.
  • Enjoy!


Are There Any Risks to Vaping CBD?

Is there a potential for side effects or other risks associated with vaping?

As with almost everything you consume, there is always the potential for side effects. Most people have no problem consuming CBD, whether it’s with edibles, topicals, vapes, or sublinguals. But even so, we always promote the start low and go slow method. It’s always better to take a smaller amount of CBD, assess how you feel, and then make any adjustments you think necessary. CBD cartridges that you use with your pen or pod include CBD as well as a thinning agent to ensure the mixture can be properly vaporized. Since you are inhaling this into your lungs, you’ll want to make sure you pay extra attention to the ingredients of the cartridge, as they can vary from company to company. 

Some people also might be allergic to the materials used in the construction of pens or pods, so make sure to double check that you know exactly what the insides of your device consist of to avoid a potential allergic reaction. 


Ready to start your own vaping adventure?

Vaping is one of the most popular ways to take CBD since it allows CBD to enter into your bloodstream almost immediately. There is also quite a diverse selection of available devices--from disposable pens, refillable pods, and rechargeable pens--all designed to give you the most out of your CBD vaping experience. So, what are you waiting for?