Need a Little Pick Me Up? Rise and Grind with Soul Grind

Need a Little Pick Me Up? Rise and Grind with Soul Grind

Caliva’s cold brew coffee infused with hemp CBD will help you rise to the occasion, every time

Sometimes we all need a little extra boost when our energy levels take a dip--whether that’s first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon. Many people swear by their morning cup o’ joe that kicks in just enough caffeine to wake them up and get ready to face the day. Others prefer to have a little refresher in the afternoon, when energy levels can reach their lowest of the day. Or maybe you enjoy a caffeinated pick me up at both times of the day! But what if you could get a cold brew caffeine boost with the satisfying extra lift of CBD

Since you probably won’t find that combo at your local cafe (unless you’re one of the lucky ones!), we’d like to introduce you to your new go-to drink of choice for an easy dose of calm energy--ready-to-drink cold brew coffee infused with hemp CBD.


Why Drink Coffee with CBD?

CBD can help balance caffeine’s jittery effects

The reason you’re drinking caffeine in the morning (or at any other time of day!) is probably because you’re feeling a little tired, and want a quick way to perk up. Caffeine from coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks is typically the go-to for many, but what if you could combine the alert feeling you get from caffeine with calming CBD? CBD may be able to help balance the caffeine for a little something we like to call calm energy, so you don’t end up with a case of the jitters--or worse, suffer from burn out after the caffeine runs dry. 

Because Soul Grind infuses cold brew coffee with hemp-based CBD using a micro-emulsion process, it makes it easier for your body to absorb!

So, why should you swap out your normal caffeinated beverage for a drink that includes CBD into your daily routine? These are our top five reasons:

  • Made with clean, simple ingredients.  Soul Grind is made with organic cold brew coffee, has zero added sugar, is dairy-free, gluten-free, and has 100mg of caffeine per 8 oz. can. 
  • Three yummy flavors to choose from. Did you know that Soul Grind comes in three glorious flavors? Yep, you can choose from vanilla, black, and Mexican chocolate. Your taste buds will definitely be impressed.
      • Broad spectrum CBD. Soul Grind is infused with broad-spectrum CBD, which utilizes a more holistic, whole plant approach which ensures that the “entourage effect” is honored, and minor cannabinoids and other terpenes in addition to CBD are included.
  • Bio-availability. Our micro-emulsion process breaks down the CBD and other cannabinoids into small droplets that can break the blood-brain barrier, allowing you to catch the calm much quicker than with other absorption methods.
  • No THC. THC has a time and place, and it typically isn’t when you’re preparing to start your day (no offense wake and bakers!). The CBD in Soul Grind is hemp-derived, and includes 0.0% of the psychoactive THC. 

    Soul Grind Mexican Chocolate

    Soul Grind mexican chocolate coffee in a soothing setting

    Because mixing coffee with chocolate is the greatest flavor combo...ever

    There’s a reason we’re obsessed with adding chocolate to our coffee drinks--because it’s an irresistible flavor combination that we just can’t get enough of! If you’re a mocha latte, cafe mocha, or even just like adding cocoa powder, Soul Grind Mexican chocolate is going to be your new go-to brew for an energizing chill to start your day (or afternoon!). We include Indonesian cinnamon for a little spice along with the rich Mexican chocolate flavor for an all out spicy cold brew. Hot Tip: Mexican Chocolate is a Soul Grind fan favorite flavor, so we highly recommend you give this a (mouth) swirl.

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    Soul Grind Black

    A Soul Grind Black Can

    We think this cold brew flavor is good enough on its own

    There are an endless amount of ways people like to take their coffee, but if you’re one of those who thinks black coffee is just fine on its own, then this cold brew flavor is for you. Soul Grind Black is for those who take their coffee straight up, but who also appreciate amazing cold brew taste and with just the right amount of caffeine and broad spectrum CBD included. So go ahead you straight-up-black-coffee drinkers, try Soul Grind Black.

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    Soul Grind Vanilla

    This flavor is anything but your basic vanilla!

    They say that vanilla is the finest of the flavors, and we think once you try this vanilla cold brew, you might wholeheartedly agree. Indulge in the rich, robust-yet-somehow-subtle flavor of Madagascar vanilla, and get a caffeine boost along with 10mg of hemp-derived CBD. You’re going to enjoy this flavor first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the afternoon when you’re looking for a little pick me up. The Madagascar vanilla is never too sweet, but it’s sure to hit your flavor sweet spot.

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    Get a Soul Grind Subscription and Never Worry about Running Out!

    Worried about missing a day without your cold brew? Never fear, that’s why our subscriptions are here 

    We all have a morning routine, and if yours involves a little caffeine, we’re pretty sure that the Soul Grind cold brew with CBD is going to turn into your go-to choice. Nothing is worse than running out of coffee, especially when you need a little calming energy to start your day. So instead of stocking up, choose our subscription plan! We know you’ll really get a kick out of:

    • Saving 10% off the one-time price
    • Never having to think of ordering your favorite cold brew flavors again
    • Contacting us anytime to pause or cancel your subscription
    • How easy it is to change/update your shipping address if you need to

    Soul Grind organic cold brew coffee infused with broad spectrum hemp CBD is available in single cans, 12 packs, and as a monthly subscription. If you can’t decide on what flavor to choose, why not try all three? You’re going to love the mellow energy that only this delicious cold brew can offer. Order up!


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