What Does Wellness Mean to You? An Interview with Joy Green

What Does Wellness Mean to You? An Interview with Joy Green

We know that wellness can mean something different to everyone. Whether that is keeping a daily gratitude journal or pushing your body to the limit to reach your fitness goals, these are activities that help us maintain our mental, spiritual and physical well-being.

To wrap up National Wellness Month, we are featuring Joy Green, a model, singer and full-time dog enthusiast from Los Angeles. We spoke about what wellness means to Joy, and how she uses CBD to maintain balance and find her happy moment.

What does wellness mean to you?

Wellness for me includes checking in with myself often to see how I'm doing mentally, physically, and spiritually. The answer changes frequently but I try my best to maintain a state of freedom. Freedom as in feeling free in my body and mind to enjoy life as best as I can.

What kind of everyday activity brings wellness into your life?

I LOVE DRINKING WATER. It helps regulate wellness in my life. Also, I pray every day and sing. If I don't do anything else, then I do these two things. Connecting with my source of life is essential for me to stay alive. Skincare is also huge for me. I'm obsessed with all-natural products. It just works for me. Then, after all that, I like to walk outside every day, especially right now, and get a chance to interact safely with other people. In my spare time, I practice guitar and read an online comic book, "Lore Olympus." It's so amazing and helps me escape. In these crazy times, you gotta hold on to every bit of source of happiness.

How does CBD enhance your wellness experience with your activity, pre or post-activity?

I do not partake in cannabis with THC, but I like to use it's sister CBD. Whether it's CBD drops or topical serum, it's helped me to relax and ease any stress I might feel from time to time. After an accident I was in a couple of years ago I find that it relieves tension in my neck!

Tell us something fun or interesting about your wellness activity.

I love my little walking routines every day. I make sure that I've eaten something good and then I go out to walk. I look around to take in the beautiful, simple things around me that I might've taken for granted before. This quarantine period has shown me that life is a gift. The extra self-care tools we use are just the icing on top. I love facials and using different oils and things that make me feel good. I spoil myself.

No matter how you choose to enjoy CBD, the feeling you get when you encounter your happy moment is unmistakable. What does your happy moment look like or feel like?

When I use CBD and everything has started working, my happy moment is like that meme of the dog in the bed with a towel wrapped around its head. Just relaxed and easy!

Any additional information youʼd like to share about your relationship with CBD?

I think I'm an example of a person that chooses an alternative way to benefit from it. You can still find healing and positive things from hemp if you choose not to consume THC.