Caliva CBD 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Your Caliva CBD Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Our top 9 CBD picks for everyone on your list this year

You’ve got your list, and you’re checking it twice this year. To make sure you get everyone on your gift-giving list something they’ll truly love, we put together our own CalivaCBD Holiday Gift Guide to make it super easy on you. Know someone who is a CBD newbie and would like to learn a little more? Or perhaps someone on your list is a true CBD veteran? Well, we’re sure to have something that even they haven’t tried before. These are our top CBD recs for the holiday season, and while you’re exploring, why not treat yourself to a little something something while you’re at it!

Soul Grind by Caliva 

Know someone who’s a ride or die coffee fanatic? Well we’ve got a coffee they’ve never experienced before, Soul Grind by Caliva. This is 8oz of organic cold brew coffee with 100mg of caffeine and 10mg of hemp-derived broad spectrum CBD. Did we mention that there’s no added sugar and that’s it dairy and gluten-free? That’s right, it’s all the good stuff you love about coffee, with an added boost of CBD to give you the steady surge of energy to enjoy each day. Bring life into balance in three amazing flavors: Vanilla, Black, or Mexican Chocolate.  

Soul Grind Cold Brew CBD drink available in 3 flavor options.


Well by Caliva

Elevate your wellness routine with Well by Caliva, and enjoy the soothing Well Restored Serum, or the luxe Well Balanced Bath Bomb. The lightweight serum includes fast-absorbing MCT oils infused with hemp-derived CBD to help your skin feel its best. It’s oh-so-easy to include in your daily routine, day or night.

Well by Caliva Bath bombs

Pamper yourself when the craze of the holidays hits with our bath bomb designed to help you mellow out and recharge. Calming lavender and peppermint oil allow you to unwind and enjoy a long, lovely soak that includes 60mg of hemp-derived CBD oil. 


Wink Wink Facial Gift Set

Have someone on your list that’s always wanted to start a CBD beauty routine? Well, start them off right with this Facial Gift Set from Wink Wink. This set comes with Renew Facial Serum, Nourish Face Cream, Lift + Firm Eye Cream, and Restore Lip Balm and is the best way to jump right into including CBD into your daily regimen. 

Wink Renew Facial gift set comes with CBD Face Serum, CBD Eye Cream, CBD Lip Balm, and CBD Lip Scrub.


Wyld CBD Gummies

Talk about the best idea for a stocking stuffer--and they’re the perfect size to fit! Gummies are always a good choice for a gift, because who doesn’t enjoy the chewy texture and burst of fruit flavor that come with ‘em? Plus, they’re so easy to love, even when you’re on the go. Just pop one in, and you’re set! 

Each bottle has 20 gummies that are infused with 25mg of broad spectrum CBD. And because they’re Wyld, you always know they’re also going to be vegan, are gluten-free, and made with real fruit juices. Choose from lemon, huckleberry, or raspberry, or pick up all three! Whichever you choose, the gift of gummies is always appreciated.


Calivolve Restore Collection Box Dark Chocolate CBD Truffles

How can you say no to chocolate around the holidays? That being said, not all chocolate is created equally, and we’re pretty sure no one’s had a chocolate like Calivolve before! This decadent collection includes two pouches of all three flavors, Cherry, Matcha, and Mint--all made with dark chocolate, adaptogens, and 20mg of hemp-derived CBD. This chocolate keeps mind and body in it for the long haul, and the taste is out of this world. 

Sample packages of Dark Chocolate CBD Truffles from Calivolve's Restore line.  2 packs of Mint, Matcha, and Cherry flavors are shown.

Don’t want the whole box? Not a problem, individually packaged chocolates are also available, and make the perfect stocking stuffer!

Nanocraft CBD Oil Drops

Have someone on your list who’s into CBD tinctures? Then you’ll definitely want to check out the selection from Nanocraft. They offer CBD Oil Day Drops in a Cocoa Mint flavor designed to give your day a little extra glow with broad spectrum CBD, a blend of vitamins, herbs, and organic caffeine just when you need it. Couple that with their CBD Oil Night Drops in lavender that includes an easy blend of lavender, passionflower, 5HTP, and melatonin to help encourage a good night’s sleep. Gift both or just one, they’re going to love it either way!   


Vertly Relief Lotion

Help keep dry skin at bay with Vertly’s vitamin-packed moisturizer, and enjoy the double bonus of the wonderful scents of citrus and lavender and CBD. You can use this luxurious lotion daily, or when the stress of the holiday season gets too much. It goes on smoothly and with organic plant oils and shea butter, you can be sure your skin will be looking supple in no time. Know someone who’s always on their feet getting ready for the holidays? They’ll really appreciate having this lotion to rub in at the end of day when they can finally relax!


Helias Diffuser and Oils

If someone on your list is into aromatherapy, or you think someone should give it a try, pick up one of these Helias diffusers and wait for the thank yous to pour in! This diffuser is designed to dispense aromas evenly, so that they permeate the entire room. It uses heat-free ultrasonic technology to ensure that the entire room smells amazing, not just the corner you place it in. Combine that with one of their 100% pure essential oils in scents such as eucalyptus and lavender, or choose one of their blends: energizing, calm, and sleep. 

Product image of a Helias diffuser used to diffuse essential oils.

With a diffuser and essential oils, you can transform any room into your own personal sanctuary! 


Chronicle Books Nature’s Remedies

For all those that have a bookworm on their holiday list, this book is a must. With their own copy of the Nature’s Remedies book, they’ll be able to explore the fascinating world of healing herbs, many of which are right outside their door! Delve deeply into the history of how herbs have helped humanity recover from illness, prevent sickness, and lead happier and healthier lives. It’s a fascinating read, and puts the power in your own hands to go out and make some of your own herbal remedies.

Hopefully this CBD gift guide makes checking off your list a little easier this year. No matter what items you choose to give, if it’s from CalivaCBD, we’re sure they’re going to love it.