The AM/PM Gift Set includes two 15ml bottles with 15 doses of CBD in each. Juna’s signature edible CBD drops, Balance (AM) and Nightcap (PM), are targeted formulas for the mood of the hour.  AM: Balance - Brings a calm, clear and connected ease to each day.   EXPERIENCE Juna’s antioxidant-rich hemp oil retains its full spectrum of Phyto-actives to work with the body and mind to promote balance and a sense of well-being.     PM: Nightcap - Brings a silent, soft serene mood to a nighttime hour.   EXPERIENCE Juna’s phyto-cannabinoid rich Nightcap hemp oil relaxes the mind and body to help ease into restorative sleep. Nightcap is naturally high in the terpenes myrcene (known to impart a deep sense of relaxation) and nerolidol (believed to have sedating effects). Essential oils of spearmint and chamomile round out the taste and enhance the chemical effects of the formula while giving it an epicurean mood lacking in other CBD sleep products.

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