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Well Hello There

Nourish your mind, body and soul with CBD

Well Restored Serum

Bounce back and restore your skin with this beautifully simple formula. Your skin will thank you as you feel nurtured by nature.

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Finally, Exactly what I wanted

I've had chronically dry skin all my life and finding a daily serum has been a challenge. Serums i've tried (and there have been a lot!) have either been too thick and greasy, or too light that they don't keep my face nourished all day long. Using this, my skin feels supple all day long.

I look forward to putting this serum on every morning as part of my daily routine. Sometimes if I feel like treating myself, i'd apply some after my nightly shower. It feels like a kiss of moisture (cheesy, but true) and the light natural cannabis smell calms me (probably because of my association with the scent).

Well Balanced Bath Bomb

Gently wash away the day’s stress with this luxurious bath bomb. Go ahead and pamper yourself, you deserve to feel ahhhhh-mazing.

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Best bath bomb ever!

The way it fizzles, the scent, the packaging, and I swear my arthritic joints feel so much better! I am in love with this product!

All’s well that mends well

About Well by Caliva

Discover your modern, sustainable, plant-based regimen.

Wellness is a lifestyle. A pursuit. It’s different than just trying to ‘be healthy.’ Wellness is a 360 ̊ approach to nurturing your mind, body and soul. Thankfully, the world is waking up to the efficacy of CBD. The kind of solutions you seek to help you feel well-rested, well-balanced, well-restored, well-loved and well-nourished. Now available from the most trusted name in cannabis.

It’s all here. All is well.