Whether you choose the bath bomb or the serum, these two CBD must-haves should definitely be a part of your daily routine!

Sometimes we could all use a little extra self care in our routines, especially if we’ve had a particularly long day, or a rough week or month, or even year (ahem, 2020). We all deserve the chance to slow down and recharge, and give our bodies and minds a little relaxation time. Including a CBD infused product in your wellness and beauty regimen is a great way to add a little extra tranquility into your life--they’re super easy to incorporate into your existing routine, come in a variety of formulas, and can make your “me time” that much more enjoyable. We’d like to highlight two beauty essentials from the Well by Caliva CBD line that we can’t get enough of lately, and we’re pretty sure they’re going to be your two new favorites as well. 

Why Add CBD to Your Everyday Routine?

Barefoot runner

Adding CBD is easy, and a great way to treat yourself

If you’re looking for a luxe way to include CBD into your routine, why not opt for a topical? They're the perfect way to nourish yourself--both inside and out. 

People explore CBD as an addition to their beauty routines for a lot of reasons. Our customers often come to us already knowing they want to try CBD for x, y, or z reason, but they're not sure which product to try. Topicals are a form of CBD products we suggest to customers as a great starting point. Since they're absorbed through your skin, you can target specific areas, and restore balance exactly where you need it. The versatility is a win-win for everyone!

For our beauty product junkies out there, the great news is you have options! Some great CBD topicals are on the market these days, but we thought we’d highlight two that our customers can’t get enough of--and ones that you might find in our beauty cabinets as well! 

Caliva Serum

Well by Caliva Serum Bottle

A moisturizing CBD serum that’s perfect for everyday use

Whether you’re looking for a serum or lotion for your face or body--or just want to bring back a hydrated balance to your complexion--look no further than Caliva CBD Serum. Adding a daily serum to your routine couldn’t be easier, you can put it directly on your skin after you shower or wash your face in the morning--or if you prefer in the evening. Either way, you’re going to quickly notice how moisturized and refreshed your skin feels.

Each Caliva serum is made from a simple and naturally-derived formula that includes 200mg of broad spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. The CBD is then paired with caprylic/capric triglyceride, which is a lightweight, non-comedogenic and fast-absorbing oil that is procured from coconut oil (another nourishing oil ideal for the look and feel of your skin). These ingredients are blended with a mix of fatty acids that results in hydrated skin--without the greasy feeling-- that can stay nourished and resist moisture loss. It’s the perfect way to restore your skin using only vegan, cruelty-free, and naturally-derived ingredients. Daily skin care never felt so good.

Want to hydrate your skin and balance out your complexion? CBD serum is the way to go.

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Caliva Bath Bomb

This CBD bath product is...da bomb

If you enjoy taking a break from it all and getting in some down time with a nice, relaxing bath, then you’ll definitely want to include this little bath bomb the next time you run the hot water. There’s nothing quite like slipping into the tub after a long day, or after an intense workout that’s left you a little sore. Quickly wash away the day with the satisfying fizz and wonderful smell of relaxing lavender and peppermint oil. Each bath bomb includes 60mg of hemp-derived CBD that’s just waiting to whisk away any troubles that have come your way. You can’t help but unwind and unravel as you soak in the CBD-infused water, and take in the delightful scented oils.

So leave the rubber ducky on the shelf, this CBD bath bomb makes bath time so much more fun.

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These two CBD essentials offer seamless and fun ways to enjoy CBD on the regular--whether you’d like to restore the moisture and balance to your skin, or just need to take a load off. The CBD serum can replace or enhance your current moisturizing routine, and once you’ve tried it, we’re pretty sure you’ll want to keep it up once you feel the results on your skin! The CBD bath bomb is great to use anytime you just need a little extra self care, or when your body is craving a good soak.

So go ahead, nourish your mind, body and soul with a little CBD from Well by Caliva.


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